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Welcome to Llano County "The Deer Capitol of Texas"


Pecan Creek Ranch is 1900 acres spreading across the best of the Hill Country.  Rolling hills are covered in oak, elm, persimmon and mesquite which surround large ponds stocked with bass and catfish. The ranch is located 3 miles northwest of Llano, Texas in the Central Mineral Region of the Edwards Plateau. This area of Texas supports not only the largest variety of animals in Texas, but also harbors the highest quantity of these species. Consequently, this area has been aptly named "The Deer Capitol of Texas"

Ranching Legacy

This Texas Century Ranch has been in continuous operation by the descendants of Matthew Moss III since he arrived in Llano County in 1857 after acquiring a land grant of approximately 4700 acres in 1846.  He had already acquired 160 acres for fighting in the Battle of San Jacinto and his acquisitions continued...We are now the fifth, sixth and seventh generations to own and operate this century ranch.



Pecan Creek Ranch was the first ranch in Llano County to practice intensive white tail management and this continues to be carried on today.  Deer census counts as well as aging of jawbones are conducted to determine harvest recommendations. Therefore quality bucks are produced through controlled harvest while management progress is monitored through tabulations of data retrieved from each animal taken.  Conservation efforts have resulted in numerous ranch awards for wildlife and range conservation.

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